Wind Mitgiation Inspection

A Wind Mitigation Inspection is NOT a Roof Certification Inspection.

It is NOT a substitution for a full Home Inspection, It is far less comprehensive.
Wind mitigation is the use of certain building techniques that limit damage caused by intense wind. Here in South Florida area, our homes are at risk for damage by high wind mostly during hurricane season. Wind mitigation has become increasingly important for homeowners in the South Florida area as many insurance companies look to decrease their risk. This is the only inspection that can help lower your homeowner’s insurance.
Here is 8 key categories that the inspector is looking for.

  1. Roof Covering: inspectors want to know when the roof was installed and does if it meets building codes.
    2. Roof Deck Attachment: Inspectors will determine what type of roof decking is used and how it’s attached to the underlying structure. For example, if it’s nailed or stapled down. If nails are used, nail length and spacing between each will also be noted.
    3. Roof to Wall Attachment:the roof attachments become the focus here: are trusses attached with nails or hurricane clips? Are the wraps single or double? The more secure your roof, the more significant the savings.
    4. Roof Geometry: is your roof hip, gable or other? The inspector is looking for how it’s shaped – a hip roof resembles that of a pyramid and is a qualifier for a discount.
    5. Gable End Bracing: if the roof is a gable style, an inspector will review if the gable ends are braced to Florida Building Code standards. Gable ends measuring more than 48 inches tall should be braced for reinforcement, and inspectors will be checking for this qualification for discount.
    6. Wall Construction Type: Inspectors will review the construction materials used on your home for framing, reinforcement, and outer fascia, and at what percentages. Steel reinforced concrete block homes may yield a better discount than one with a plywood-only frame and plastic siding.
    7. Secondary Water Barrier: This is a newer item for roofs. If your roof was installed or upgraded before 2008, it’s fairly unlikely you’ll have this sort of barrier. As with most newer features, photo documentation, at a minimum, will be required for a discount in this area.
    8. Opening Protection: Here, inspectors are looking for shutters and installed-protection devices from wind-born debris for doors and windows. They will also be checking the rating of the devices, if you have them (as in- are they hurricane-rated?). 100% of all openings (All or nothing) need to be covered with Hurricane rated protection to qualify for this discount.

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