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4 Point Inspection

4 Point inspections consist of a limited visual inspection of the following and does not replace a home inspection, such as for a home purchase or sale (listing inspection).

The 4 Point Inspection is only for home owners:
-Seeking insurance for the first time
-Renewing an existing home owners’ insurance policy

4 Point Inspections are focuses on four basic systems in a home

The purpose of the 4 point inspection is to determine the approximate age, general condition, and remaining lifespan of these four systems. This is a limited visual inspection of components the insurance company may find unsafe or problematic. With regards to the insurance company, they are generally looking to see if your property has been updated to current standards and is in overall good condition.

It was after Hurricane Andrew, that insurance Companies in Florida started to encourage home owners to make their homes safer and reduce insurance claims. Today, most if not all of insurance companies may request or require a 4 Point Inspections for homes older than 30 years.

If you would like to request an appointment to have your property inspected, please contact us today

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